Monday, September 29, 2008


So I was surfing the web, trying to find something "PR-esque" I ran across this website:{0F009731-9667-4872-85D2-458AF3054AE3}&dist=hpp
The election this year is really catching my eye. I don't know if it simply the diversity or the fact that our generation has such a big affect on the possible outcome, but something about this year is special. People are using sites like Twitter or Facebook to find out information about our candidates instead of the typical sources like CNN and the Wall Street Journal. I find it fascinating that both candidates are doing their best to appeal to our generation and the new way in which we use these new types of social media to come to a final decision. We keep these politicians on their toes. They have to constantly keep us updated, while at the same time giving us correct information with a first hand perspective. We listen to the voices of our peers, and are persuaded accordingly. Politicians are forced to give us what we want as to earlier time periods in which they tweaked the story to put them in the best light or give us the best quote. No words are off the record and no action is unseen. Someone, somewhere will post it online, where millions of bloggers will comment accordingly. We seem to get more involved and seem more interested as we constantly watch the latest political YouTube video online or follow the live video stream for the Presidential Debate. I think social media is one of the biggest avenues available and if used correctly could result in awarding this year's presidential candidate a comfy seat in the White House!

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