Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week 5...ONU

So today was like Christmas in October or a pint of Ben and Jerry's with extra toppings! I traveled to the bustling metropolis of Kenton and got my new, that's right the big 2-1, id. Be jealous all you youngens out there, you unfortunate under ages in the world. That's right, I'm getting old and the hill is coming. Just kidding, today wasn't the official day but I'm counting down...3 more to go. I woke up, headed to work and finally looked at the mirror...disastrous. There was no way I was getting my picture taken, considering I have to keep this one for the next five years of life, and letting it turn out like the last one. Yes, I do have a deep hatred for the picture that scared my life for the first five. I do recall getting the comment of, Oh my god Tegan you look like a little boy. Thanks guys, a definite comfidence booster. Even better, I went to windsor for a friends formals. Got id at the door, no problem its not a fake, I'm 18. I'm feeling pretty bad a**, show my id and get the up-down once over. Are you serious, this guy doesn't believe me. No, don't think about the fact that the my two girlfriends in front of me had fakes and got in no problem, leave it to me to get stopped at the door. GRRRRRR!
I shower, pick out a cute shirt and jump in the car. First of all, I would advise you mapquest where you are going or perhaps have a general idea of the area, I had no clue where I was going. Second, I get inside, fill out my paperwork and about fail my eye test. HOW EMBARASSING! I felt like a complete idiot while this woman is telling me to tell her when I see the lights blinking, I have no idea what she is talking about. I SEE NO DOTS! We go through this process for about five minutes before I realize my hair is in the way and that I'm not completely oblivious. Well it gets better, she asks me a series of questions, you know the ones that are like, do you have a ticket, have you lost your license for any reason, are you addicted to alcohol, can you make smart decisions while driving. I can't help but about bust up laughing. Who the heck would answer yes anyways. Why yes mam, I am jacked up on Vicadin and can't go a day without a six pack of Bud Light. I am a horrible driver and have come into close calls with pedestrians. Seriously, unless you are certifiably insane, there is no way you would admit to any of that. We finally sit down to take the picture and I sit in the wrong seat. By this time I think this woman thinks I'm nuts and just want to get my picture and leave. However, knowing me I have to make one last dumb remark before exiting the building, so I make her show me the picture and OK it before she prints it out. Thank god I don't have to go get another id for the next five years, if that woman wasn't dead or retired I think she would deny me!

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