Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day...

So after a fabulous evening with the family, eating Stromboli, drinking wine and finishing it all with a slice of ice cream cake (fantastic mix, I know), I wake up this morning to find snow,EVERYWHERE! Needless to say, I was not thrilled.

I wake up at the crack of dawn, OK so maybe in Tegan's world that means 8:30, but still way before my body should be moving anywhere. I took a two minute shower, shoved all the dirty, I mean clean clothes in the car (Thanks mom and dad), grab my groceries (again my thanks) and get into my car. Drum roll please, which now has gas in it. Attention all you poor college students, follow my lead. Please apply the dash and go method to your agenda books and you will live a prosperous 4-year life span. Hmmm, well maybe prosperous is a stretch, but you will get by withouth dirty underwear, eating out of your neighbors fridge and bumming rides off the townies nearby. Live far enough away that the rents can't just randomly show up without a call, but live close enough that you can still come home if you run out of necessities and just wanted to drop in to say hello!

Anyways, now that my secrets are exposed (Serioulsy, I expect to see some checks in the mail soon from you college groupies reading this), I will continue my snowy, story.

I am to the point of no return, that is I have trekked it out to my snow covered car, cleaned off the windows and started up the engine. I put the car in reverse, push the gas and go...NOWHERE! Sweet, real sweet; I just love Ohio weather. All in all, I did not make it to Ada, I did not even make it out of my drive. So much for a fun snow day. I guess I'm spending it with the family!

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