Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweet...I want one of those...

So I'm sitting in my apartment, venting about how much I hate my cell phone and lack of service in BFE also known as Ada, when I run across an article about Apple and Motorolla and talk of a new cell phone. Now I do have to say my little Samsung cellular device has been with me through thick and thin. Rocking out with me at concerts, getting me through boring-slap me in the face to keep me awake-classes and the occasional travel to a frat house, possibly drop your phone in the toilet incident, (I mean hypothetically of course) but I feel that it's time for something new.
According to the following website: this hot-new item, "will expand citizen marketing." What a coincidence, I believe we just read about that the other day! Hmm am I seeing a trend here, another way for people to communicate via social media. Genius, I think so. I find it fascinating everytime something new comes out, the have to have item, which makes it easier for us to talk to people without even opening our mouths. Send a txt, access the internet, watch a YouTube video or e-mail friends all from your phone. Another way for companies to receive free recognition/advertisement through those that are addicted and in love with the product, whatever it might be. It has been said(in the website above) they don't want people to lose time as, "every second counts." In a world thats is constantly changing and could leave you in the dust if you blink for too long, I would say this is another smart choic for Apple and another good purchase for PR personal.

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B M Vany said...


In these crazy times of cell phones that can do everything except print, and cars that can get 100 miles a gallon, let me remind you what cell phones are for. They are for making phone calls.

That is all cell phones were invented for and personally I think that there should be more laws that regulate rules as far as what you can and can't do on a cell phone while driving.

But it is ok, I still love you and if you do get your new phone, please show me because I would sure be interested to see the latest and greates technology out there!