Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week 8-Reading

I know interviewing is apparently the way to go but I would disagree. I believe in today's world interviewing is not the best way to come across new and important information. People today are busy and do not have time to sit down and conduct a one on one in your face interview. I have learned this from personal experience. Working at the radio and having to find two people to interview is hard enough in its' self. People are either to busy or would rather just e-mail or talk on the phone. The concept of interviewing needs to be changed.
I believe the new way to get the Internet is through social media. Blogs, e-mails and other various sources are the best way to get information and get the information necessary for whatever you may be doing. This course of action may be awkward for some people but in today's changing world it is necessary for success. I feel that many companies will follow this course of action in order to accomplish the task at hand. The future only knows which way will work best for PR practitioners.

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