Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are you a follower?

So, I have mixed feelings about this new creation we have come to know as Twitter. The new master of the air ways when it comes to getting info quick still leaves me on the edge. Now, I have dipped my toes into the water but haven't yet fully submerged into the land that is Twitter. I have mixed feelings about this crazy world of 140 characters and PR creepers everywhere. I like the concept, but I feel some what like a stalker. Any advice on how I can finally take that leap of faith and get into the groove?


Professor Alisa Agozzino said...

Oh come on Tegan...Get in and before you know it you are doing a reverse 3 1/2 in the deep end!

Evan Roberts said...

Tegan, Def try a third party app like how I use Twitterrific. it makes it so you dont have to be "on" twitter thile you can still monitor your tweets and replys. If you have a pc, I suggest getting tweetdeck, which is virtually the same thing as twitterrific. Hope this helps buddy!