Monday, November 3, 2008

Week 9-Reading

This chapter (NI) was hard to follow. I realize social media is in transition and has been since the beginning but I don't understand all the lingo that they use along the way. What I got out of this chapter was that communities are important, PR needs to learn as much as possible about these continually changing marketing techniques and press releases may be on their way out.

Certain men and women helped pave the way in which I am in awe. I wish one day I would wake up and decide to be the first (fill in the blank) to make some discovery that would change the face of my generation. People like Blodgett, Abramson, Schwartzman and many others used simple ideas to create an entire way of life.

The public has done a great deal to improve how we communicate. Their impute is necessary for expansion and is a gateway between what people want and what is created. Every day new ideas hit the airways, figuring out which ideas will work the best and help the most amount of people.

Listening to your peers may not be what you were taught while you were growing up but in today's world it works. People are more likely to listen to their friends, family or someone credited than some random person that supposedly knows all about the topic. I think this is why podcasts, blogs and the Web work so well. Keeping eyes and ears out as to who the up coming firecrackers are will probably have more affect on you than one might think.

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