Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 9-ONU

So get this, week nine is approaching and I have yet to go home and see the family. Now, I am not normally one that likes to constantly go home and miss out on the wonderful festivities here at Northern, but occasionally a girl just wants to sleep in her own bed and eat a decent home cooked meal. Well, that girl is me!
I am stoked because for the first weekend of the quarter I finally get to go home, kick up my feet and do nothing for an entire weekend. No work, no homework, and no responsibility. Simply enjoying the lameness of Marion, Ohio and seeing my townie friends. What more could someone want, right?
Now, I know there is all this excitement about the big bang Halloween bash, but honestly to me it is just like every other day. I didn't celebrate it as a kid, costumes are like fifty bucks, and if I want some candy I'll probably just run to Wal-Mart and pick up a bag of Reece's Pieces. I know it sounds lame, but believe it or not Halloween will be here next year. Don't get too excited kids. It's not like I am alienating myself from the world, I mean it's not like I ever got to trick or treat anyways.
So have fun this weekend all you Halloween partiers. All you females out there that use Halloween as that one day to dress like a slut and tell yourself it's ok. Have fun freezing off your bum, putting on your beer goggles and looking like fools, at least this time with a purpose. I will be at home enjoying my hot cocoa and kicking it with the fam! Jealous? You should be...

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