Tuesday, October 28, 2008

week 8-PR

OH Penelope! Well this weekend learned that apparently the word spin and fuck are appropriate in the PRSA world. Well dear god, if this is the case, I missed the memo. In all honesty, I thought her personality and enthusiasm were awesome, but honestly her personality sucked and she lacked in the speaking skills realm. I was astounded at some of her remarks and thought that she was not professional.
Her main points were good but the way she relayed them to her audience was bad, even for us PRSSA members. The word spin is a no no word. This terminology gives PR practitioners a bad name and conveys to the public that we lie in order to get our point across. Others, including the MC tried to help her in relaying what, "she really meant by the word spin", but she did not know when to stop. Penelope continued to use the word and continued to dig herself a hole.
I was not impressed by her speech and thought that in the future PRSA needs to have a better handle on their speakers and the topics they are covering. Next conference I would hope that someone else has stepped up to the podium and we no longer have to hear words from Penelope!

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