Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Week 10-ONU

Wow, today I think I almost lost it! This end of the quarter stuff is really stressing me out. I know that we are getting down to the nitty-gritty but I feel like you shouldn't have to feel like jumping off a bridge along the way. Assignment after assignment I feel like as soon as I finish one thing something else comes along. I don't really feel like I have room to relax, even when I work ahead. I can't wait till Thanks giving break when I can sit in my room and do nothing without feeling guilty or like I am falling behind. Think I am overreacting, listen to this.

Spanish would probably be my easiest class, which is sad considering my native language is English. We have two more tests, plus the speaking portion. I do appreciate the fact that Professor Oliver is easy to work with and very relaxed. I feel less stressed because I know she is willing to work around issues that may arise. Do you know what I say to that, muchas gracias!

The rest of my classes focus on my major, which I love, but at times feel totally behind. Having two classes with Agy is rough. Don't get me wrong, I learn a lot, but at times I want to run out of class and play in traffic. I know PR writing is one of the building blocks to PR success but I don't want to freak out every day on the way.

Social Media is amazing, and I have learned some very unique and important tools what will help me in the future, but sometimes I feel like we should do assignments in class and perhaps break down assignments and redistribute them throughout the quarter. Today when I looked at all the projects coming up I almost went into cardiac arrest. Podcast and video I can handle but the news of a ten page paper put me over the edge. All I know is when these classes are over I am going to celebrate. Needless to say, I hope these next two weeks go by quickly and I can get everything done without losing my mind.

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Professor Alisa Agozzino said...

Just so you know, I didn't write my post just in response to your post. I was stewing all day about it and just needed to relay what I was thinking to the entire class.
I know the last 2 weeks are stressful, but it will all be over soon and you can enjoy some Turkey!