Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 10-PR

So tonight in PRSSA we had a different kind of presentation. Instead of the usual here I am and this is what I do we talked about networking. Janeele Steele spoke about networking your way to a job. Finally, a topic that really makes me excited. I think networking is super sweet if I do say so myself. I really enjoyed the process while at conference in Detroit and thought that the tips she gave tonight will be helpful in future situations.

I realize that social media is the driving force behind this new explosion of PR but we can't forget to stick to our roots. The ability to Twitter or stay LinkedIn is a fantastic opportunity but we still must be able to talk with someone face to face, the building blocks of communication.

Networking is so much easier than in previous years but we can't take this gift for granted. Realizing to do simple tasks such as updating resumes, staying in touch with contacts and keeping a clean slate will put you well on your way to networking success.

My favorite quotes of the night were to put yourself out there and remember its who you know and even more who they know that can get you a job! So get out there and start networking!

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