Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seriously...I'm not shopping there

Oh my gosh, today was probably one of the best afternoons I've had in a while. Well maybe, I mean it's hard to compete with the constant precipitation and booming life in Ada, but I think this one may have taken the cake. Jenna and I busted out of our meeting and made the exciting, ok so maybe I'm fibbing, trip to Lima.

Festivities began when we stepped into the tanning establishment. So me being the whitey that I am and my boyfriend telling me only two days in advance that we were going to semi-formals, I decided to sign up for fake-bakers-R-Us. Try having some girl that's about 90lbs. soaking wet spray you down with fake paint in your skives. No matter what you talk about, you know that's gonna be one awkward conversation. Poor girl, maybe she is filling out applications as we speak for a new job.

Next we decided to skip out on Wally-World and head to the mall, or at least that was the plan. About half way there, I decided I had no clue where I was going and preceded to go though my contacts list, starting with the letter A, until someone told me where to go. Hmmm, maybe for Christmas Santa should bring me some GPS. The Lima mall does is not every girls dream of a shopping experience to remember, but It will do.

First stop, Debbs. Jenna was not having it. She straight up was like not happening, that place is ghetto and they don't have any good clothes. We walked in to look at shoes and not five minutes later she found a pair she wanted to buy. I seriously couldn't help but laugh. Guess she changed her mind on the, quote on quote ghettoness of the place. We finished up walking around the mall and headed out.

This weekend is the ugly sweater party, so we decide to stop at this creepy, hole in the wall thrift store which no person in their right mind would stop at after dark. We found gold, let me tell you what. Christmas turtlenecks that looked like they were from a bad Baby Gap magazine, denim and plaid vests and some old school sweater my mom would have rocked out back in the day. Don't let me forget the diamond in the rough, at a bargain price of....wait for it...25 cents; an I love Christmas pin! Total price, $12.50.

Overwhelmed with pride, and thankful we found outfits for the weekend events, we headed out to my car. First of all, I was happy to see my hubcaps were still in tact. Second, my car looked like someone had been going at it in the back seat; my windows were completely fogged up. After recovering from laughing so hard, we headed home, but before we got there I was craving food hard core.

We stopped at Kewpee, Jenna's first experience, and indulged in calorie overload. So much for all the calories we power walked off at the mall. Of course I had to experience one awkward moment before we left, or our experience would not have been complete. Jenna ordered first, set down her tray and booked it to the ladies' room. I on the other hand was totally not paying attention and stood starring into the restaurant, tray in hand, looking like a freshmen on the first day of school in the cafeteria. Some older women had to tell me where she went, I didn't feel like a complete fool or anything. Overall, the trip was ridiculous, but honestly I don't think I could have had it any other way!

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