Friday, January 16, 2009

I would love to know who's genius idea walking to class in 30 below zero weather was?

So I am walking to class today, ya that's right. Walking because it's so cold my friends car won't even start to pick me up. On the way, I about bite it, can't feel my face, my fingers or anything in front of me and pray I will make it from my apartment to Freed for a 9 am interview. Real Real Sweet, Northern!
I like how every other school in a 50 mile radius decides to cancel but little ole Northern pushes through, or should I say slips. I didn't know somehow are campus had hidden heat waves that we could send out, but only on our university grounds, to make things safe enough to get to class. Courtesy vans, I think not. Two vans that drive around on sheets of ice and pick you up for class at 9:30 when you called at 8:40 and your class is at 9. Please tell me how that works?
I just think snow and -30 degree weather=no class and a reassurance of good health for all; just saying.

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