Monday, September 29, 2008


So I was surfing the web, trying to find something "PR-esque" I ran across this website:{0F009731-9667-4872-85D2-458AF3054AE3}&dist=hpp
The election this year is really catching my eye. I don't know if it simply the diversity or the fact that our generation has such a big affect on the possible outcome, but something about this year is special. People are using sites like Twitter or Facebook to find out information about our candidates instead of the typical sources like CNN and the Wall Street Journal. I find it fascinating that both candidates are doing their best to appeal to our generation and the new way in which we use these new types of social media to come to a final decision. We keep these politicians on their toes. They have to constantly keep us updated, while at the same time giving us correct information with a first hand perspective. We listen to the voices of our peers, and are persuaded accordingly. Politicians are forced to give us what we want as to earlier time periods in which they tweaked the story to put them in the best light or give us the best quote. No words are off the record and no action is unseen. Someone, somewhere will post it online, where millions of bloggers will comment accordingly. We seem to get more involved and seem more interested as we constantly watch the latest political YouTube video online or follow the live video stream for the Presidential Debate. I think social media is one of the biggest avenues available and if used correctly could result in awarding this year's presidential candidate a comfy seat in the White House!

Week 4-ONU

Let's just say this weekend was interesting, to say the least. It was the beginning of Rounds, for those of you unfamiliar with Greek life this means we have no social life for the next two weekends while we try and find sweet girls to join our chapter. However, this year I am on the other side of the fence so to speak and am being the responsible and unbiased Rho Gamma. Which in lamens terms means I get to hang out with fun freshman, talk to them about the things I love and watch them find a place they consider a home away from home. I feel really old doing it, but it makes me chuckle to think I thought some of the same things, made some of the same comments and asked the same million questions they all do. I can't wait to see who go where and which of these women will become a new addition to our chapter.
I remember Freshman year, walking on campus and thinking who are these crazy cats with silly, sparkly letters on. I swore up and down I would never become one of these barbie girls who only care about their nails, going out, buying the latest pumps and gossiping up the latest she-said he-said fiasco that occurred at the beagle the night before. I figured someone apparently had to much time on their hands or mommy and daddy just decided to throw around a couple hundred dollars a year for social purposes, AKA the making friends fund. Well apparently I fell and bumped my head but here I am, Greek and loving it!
I realized Ada isn't really your typical Animal House scene and the people here are just your typical townies, friendly and real. This new form of sisterhood I found was something I can't really imagine experiencing college without. I have seen myself grow and excel thanks to the people around me and the organization I became a part of. I guess this whole RG thing is my way of giving back, helping that one girl who said screw this find out what Greek life is really about. Honestly these girls are going to make some sweet sisters no matter what chapter they decide to join, but I'm not going to lie...curiosity is killing me!

Week 4_book(CM)

After totally slacking for the weekend I decided to pull out my Citizen's Marketer book. Reluctant to actually get to work, I finally read and decided chapter two wasn't all that bad! I was slightly motivated after simply reading the quote at the beginning of the page. The phrase, "The 1 percent that don't fit and don't care," made me wonder what these 1% were really about. Personally, I think it's awesome that those rebels are still alive and kicking. Things get to boring if people just simlply sit around and do what they are supposed to, what's the fun in that? Besides, those "crazy" ones as we like to call them seem to come up with some sweet ideas that probably wouldn't have happened if they were constantly concerned with what others were thinking. Don't lie to yourself, if you are totally straight and never vary from the course I bet you are a little jealous! Don't you wish you could jump out of the box, even if just for a few brief minutes, to feel the rush and make yourself known. I know I do! These people that live on the edge seem to lead the revolution, bringing about change and in reality making a difference.
I thought this whole idea of the 80/20 rule wasn't too far off. Sometimes I think it is hard for us to fathom such a small part of the population making such a big difference. You might think these 1% are far and few between, but stop and look around. I bet they made more of a difference than you would have ever expected.
The other thing I learned in this chapter is about the hidden light shed on Wikepedia, my previous Bible for useless/educational purposes :) Seriously, I had this bookmarked, favorited and on top of the list to find out that most of the information isn't even coming from people that necessicarily have a worthy opinion. That super-sucked, sad day now I have to find another sight to bookmark. Sorry Aggy, I always thought you were a little looney for hating on The Wik, as I like to call it, but now I sadly have to admit I have transformed to the dark side and now must agree with your opinion. Sad but true I know. I guess you win some and lose some. :(

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I want pizza next week!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweet...I want one of those...

So I'm sitting in my apartment, venting about how much I hate my cell phone and lack of service in BFE also known as Ada, when I run across an article about Apple and Motorolla and talk of a new cell phone. Now I do have to say my little Samsung cellular device has been with me through thick and thin. Rocking out with me at concerts, getting me through boring-slap me in the face to keep me awake-classes and the occasional travel to a frat house, possibly drop your phone in the toilet incident, (I mean hypothetically of course) but I feel that it's time for something new.
According to the following website: this hot-new item, "will expand citizen marketing." What a coincidence, I believe we just read about that the other day! Hmm am I seeing a trend here, another way for people to communicate via social media. Genius, I think so. I find it fascinating everytime something new comes out, the have to have item, which makes it easier for us to talk to people without even opening our mouths. Send a txt, access the internet, watch a YouTube video or e-mail friends all from your phone. Another way for companies to receive free recognition/advertisement through those that are addicted and in love with the product, whatever it might be. It has been said(in the website above) they don't want people to lose time as, "every second counts." In a world thats is constantly changing and could leave you in the dust if you blink for too long, I would say this is another smart choic for Apple and another good purchase for PR personal.

The New Rules of Marketing & that's a mouthful!

So I finally got my books for class, ya ya I know I'm about two weeks later, but come on now who are we talking to here?! I decide to be an overachiever and crack it open early, yes I know that's a shocker to most of you, but who knows maybe I'm turning a new leaf. Ya, I know prob not but it sure sounds good, doesn't it?! Anyways, after finally figuring out which book and chapter we are supposed to divulge ourselves into (seriously Aggy..I feel like I am deciphering the Morse code with all your abbreviations) I turn to chapter five. Guess what, the chapter was about my new addiction, blogging! First off, it's nice to know I'm not the only crazy out there that has to satisfy a blogging craving every night, but secondly I thought the section on organizations and employee blogging was pretty interesting.
Personally I feel that companies must enter into this new craze in order to keep up with our generation and stay tuned into what people want. This quote by Steve Goldstein on page 59 really stuck out to me, "You are what you publish. It is better to have a reputation than no reputation at all." I think people forget that your company isn't just what you produce or how you act. What you put out in the marketplace or publish throughout your company can speak for its self. Sometimes it is more powerful than specific actions themselves. In order to succeed and get ahead in the competitive business world people need to know who you are and what you stand for. Why trust you if they know nothing about you? What better way than to hear from those people that work for the company and live it on an everyday basis. Give them the freedom to express themselves. You never know, treat them well and they will most likely hold you in a higher regard than you might think. As the book points out, "blogs are like the sound of independent voices." (pg 48)
So I guess if you couldn't tell by now, I totally agree with David Scott!

So I don't hate people...I think I was just having a bad day

Have you ever sat alone for long enough your mind starts to race, your thoughts are outta control and something clicks? Well my thoughts have been erupting like Mount Vesuvius on a bad day and Lately I feel like I have gotten hit by the epiphany bus. Things that I never noticed before seem to come alive. Comments people make seem immature as opposed to the comedy I used to find in conversing with them. Places that used to feel secure and comfortable seem distant and unfamiliar. Relationships seem to unravel and people seem to change. True feelings come to the surface and people finally become transparent, no longer able to hide their fears, uneasiness, or lack of confidence. People, life, and situations become real!

As I have entered my first two weeks of junior year and realized oh my god I graduate next year, something in me has let loose. My goals, the things I appreciate and what I find important seems to have drastically changed. I feel like if I were to introduce the Tegan of today with that of freshman year I wouldn’t know who I was talking to. Sometimes I wonder if other people missed that memo, ya you know the one where you finally have to grow up and do something valuable with your life.

Sometimes I just wanna scream what the heck is wrong with you people, but honestly I don’t know if anyone would even notice. They seem to be too caught up in boys, drinking and the latest party or social event to realize the real things that are important in life. The things that build character shape you as a person and make you into who you are. Granted, I understand some people are slower than others and are a little slower at getting on the bus, but sometimes I wonder if they just missed it all together. In a way, instead of envying or idolizing them, I feel sorry for them.

I don’t know maybe I just fell and bumped my head, but if so I may just have to start pushing people down in order to help them get up! Now stop and think about that one…

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Election 2008...Check it out! :)

I think it is awesome how we can express ourselves through different avenues while still getting your point across as to how you feel about a specific topic. The upcoming election is held in diff regards, clearly, to different people. What's your opinion on our candidates?

Monday, September 15, 2008


So, you all know the feeling...ya the one where you walk into class, stoked about the new year and your teacher drops the bomb..thats right your teacher did their homework for the summer and found the easiest way to put a student into a coma without even breaking a sweat. They assign a reading for the quarter and you think to yourself, which would be worse: playing in traffic or cracking open this book from the 1900's that smells like mold and the only useful thing it has ever been used for in a students life was a door stop ( you pick the playing in traffic option). Yes, that is the time where you say to yourself, sign me up for MTV's real life-death by boredom-series. You wonder if breaking out with the bubonic plague would be less painful than getting through 300 pages of 8pt font, in what you swear is a foreign language. Well, Aggy, you totally blew my mind with this one. I didn't even have to consider resurrecting the game of Frogger on Main Street.
I was somehow praying my copy of Citizen Marketers would get lost in the mail and by some divine miracle I would be excused from the readings...HAHAHA..I know..I must have been on some heavy pain medication at the time or something. Anyhow, I read the first couple pages of the book and didn't want to put it down. I was hooked (yes for a moment i thought I may be suffering from a head trauma) and realized that our generation has blown open the
possibilities/opportunities of the next generation of marketing and advertisement, no diploma required :)
I never realized until reading this book how so many companies were affected by small town men and women, who simply were doing something they loved and felt strongly about, in order to bring about change, innovation and new lines of communication between business, employees and customers in a way never deemed possible in a previous life. I feel like each of us fall under one of the four F's. Filters, Fanatics, Facilitators and Firecrackers, what's your role?
I thought the quote on pg 26 "People are the message" hit dead on. Companies are smart to let everyday normal people do their marketing without even having to write a script or put letters on a page. All they have to do is simply live. Why not let some common Joe promote your company or help you improve your customer service. NOw that's smart! FREE, duh! I guess it is easy to say things could get a little scary for a corporation however, not sure what will be said about you or what kind of damage control you might have to whip up in a matter of minutes it takes to produce one blog. That's called taking a chance, living on the edge! How can you grow if you arent' willing to go out on the edge and work with whatever is thrown your way. I have a new respect for Citizen Marketers. I want to be a firecracker. I want to, "mix up the equation" so to speak. I think my favorite example of the positive affect a citizen marketer had on a company was the instance with BMW and the 27.07.2006---MINI2 campaign done by Mullett. Now thats innovation and creativity at its' finest. So you know that saying I wanna be like Mike..Well scratch that..I wanna be like Mullett, a certified Bad A** citizen marketer!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our Generations is off the hook....

So I was searching the web today, trying to find something that had to do with our geration aka the Millenials or Geration Y and I was astounded at all the crazy information that came up. We are outta control! I didn' realize how dependant we were on social media and that our numbers of today are double if not more than that of our parents. We thrive on what happens in the media, but not through the newspaper or radio, but through the internet, Facebook and txt messaging. I found some interesting facts through Wikepedia that really stood out to me. you should totally check out this website; It has some sweet facts.

In their recent book, Connecting to the Net.Generation: What Higher Education Professionals Need to Know About Today's Students, Reynol Junco and Jeanna Mastrodicasa[16] found that in a survey of 7,705 college students in the US:

  • 97% own a computer
  • 97% have downloaded music and other media using peer-to-peer file sharing
  • 94% own a cell phone
  • 76% use instant messaging and social networking sites
  • 75% of college students have a Facebook account[17]
  • 60% own some type of portable music and/or video device such as an iPod
  • 49% regularly download music and other media using peer-to-peer file sharing
  • 34% use websites as their primary source of news
  • 28% author a blog and 44% read blogs
  • 15% of IM users are logged on 24 hours a day/7 days a week

Friday, September 12, 2008

Face Off on the bridge....

So I roll outta bed, throw on some clothes and think thank god it's Friday. I grab my books, put on my flip flops and run out the door. I totally forgot to print off something for Dr. I's class so I bee line it to the Freed Center. However, I run across my first problem off the day, if you don't count the fact that I had to wake up in the first place, RAIN! Seriously tell me how this works. Ada is sunny, beautiful and quiet during the Summer hours but as soon as that first day of class roles around the weather starts to suck. Now I don't know if there is a big meeting up in the clouds where the unanimous decision is to bring some sort of precipitation everyday until school lets out again for the year or what but it sure feels that way. In all my infinite wisdom and stubbornness I have not worn tennis shoes so the entire bottom of my pants is a shade darker and about ten pounds heaver. Who needs ankle weights when you can just use the rain. Maybe the mall walkers should just come to Ada and walk around campus. The would be in shape in no time! While power walking to class I about wipe out due to the lack of traction on my high class, weather ready two dollars and fifty cent shoes. I regain balance, look around to make sure no one is secretly hiding behind a tree taking pictures and laughing, smile and continue my trek. This time at a slower, safer pace as I approach the bridge behind the Freed Center. On a normal day this is a lovely spot to stop and feed the ducks or just fraternize with the nearest picnicker. But not today, NO! Today the black swans are on duty. Apparently security was tight and they needed some reinforcements for this rough part of campus. I stare, glaring at this swan, as we make eye contact I can feel the hatred we feel for each other. Well maybe I'm totally lying, I was freaking scared and was ready to go the other way. HAHA I am a pansy, however I feel like we should take some self-defense classes. No, not for Ada thugs but the swans. I get up the courage, creep to the front of the bridge and stop dead in my tracks. Rent a cop on duty flares out his wings, raises his head and starts hissing at me. So out loud, thinking I am all alone I say, "Can I just cross the freaking bridge, I kinda gotta get to class." Not two seconds later, some cute boy walks right up behind me, laughs out loud and walks right across with no problem. Wow, I feel cool. Lets mark that one up for sweet first impressions of the year!

New INfluencers....Ch. 1

Wow, after a story like that i am left dumbfounded as to some people and there lack of ability to deal with people, at least well. Hearing the story of Vincent Ferrari was a first for me but brought me a good chuckle to end my evening. Now, I'm not normally one to judge, and I know some people are just not good at customer service, but my god, isn't it mandatory to take some sort of course or do they just let anyone answer phones these days. I mean doesn't a company have more than one position open, I mean there are jobs in which you don't have to talk to people you can talk to plants, or cleaning supplies or cafeteria food. I mean you are still making your mark on history but in a less idiotic way. Instead of making yourself or the company look like fools, you can do it behind the scenes where honestly no one sees, or if they do they don't get paid enough to care. Waiting fifteen minutes to simply cancel a service plan is outrages and downright annoying. Not that I spend all my days saving lives or the earth from self destruction, but I do have things to do with my time and I know sitting on hold on the phone for such a simple action as to cancel an AOL plan is insulting. The poor AOL man must have skipped out on a few PR classes in college because I'm pretty sure somewhere along the line no means no. I feel like the company should change up their interviewing process or make their phone calls self-destruct after five minute conversations so as to avoid this problem in the future. All in all, this situtaion(cancelling the account) was not handled well and outraged people across the board. Do you blame us? I do have to give some props to the big men upstairs, they took responsibility and told the people they messed up; SUPRISE TO US? NOT.....WE ALREADY KNOW! I feel like the main point I'm trying to get across is let the product do the talking...not you! I really enjoyed this chapter.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who woulda thought?!

So as I was surfing the web attempting do find something interesting to stimulate the braincells before falling into a coma, also known as sleep for the night, I ran across an article which stood out to me. The article was about a company most of us have heard of, especially you silly boys out there. A company known as PlayStation. However, it didn't stop there. Maybe I am just behind on the times, but when did blogging on the Internet and a mass gaming company like PlayStation combine? They hit the jackpot using social media to strike it rich and up their sales. Genius, I would definitely say so, especially in our generation. The turned what could have been a major Internet mishap into a way to reach thousands all at the click of the mouse and a few taps at the keys. Two of their workers decided to start a mysterious blog at Christmas called, "All I want for Xmas is a PSP" which spiraled out of control and lost the people's trust when it was discovered to be fake.
I can't wait to see where this blog takes their company in the future. Just think of the millions of people they can bounce ideas off or get ideas from. Plus polls or just posting new information about upcoming products or the research and development in process. Keep your eyes open and fingers ready all you PlayStation lovers, I can see good things to come for this company!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Seriously...did he just say that?!

So I'm sitting in my room after what feels like the longest day of my life aka the first day of classes. One would think that this would be a stress free and relaxing day, haha, not after 7 hours of back to back classes. I sit down, eat my twice microwaved leftovers and decide whether to be productive for the rest of the night or simply throw on the sweats break out then Ben and Jerrys and call it a college student's life! After doing neither of these I took a half-hour power nap, dressed to impress and headed over to the Freed Center to check out these so called, "comedians".
OH MY GOD...Freaking hilarious!! I think I laughed for about two hours straight, talk about an ab work out. I guess I can skip the crunches tonight! There was three comedians, a Jew, a Korean chick and some white guy. All of them had appeared on shows such as comedy central, MTV or various other comedy scenes. Let me tell you what, these guys were brutal and said some things that would make my mother's chin drop into a position so low she might not be able to get it up. They talked about vegetarians, gays, Sara Palin, and other things no college student cares about but thinks is totally awesome. It's always nice to see someone rip on the guy in front of you while you are secretly pointing and laughing saying, "thank god that wasn't me"! It always amuses me how people my age laugh at the stupidest things, which usually ends up making fun of them in some way or another. Hey, I guess that's what college is all about though, get all the, "stupid ", out of your system before you have to grow up and put on your big boy pants!

2 Down & 2 to least thats the plan

I can't believe the day has come when I actually sit at home and wish I was in Ada. Summer was great don't get me wrong, and I hate leaving my friends back home, but it's just something about being on campus that gets me excited and makes me smile! My mom laughs when I refer to Northern as "home", but honestly thats how I think of it.
The crazy thing is, I can't believe how I feel so old watching the new freshman walk around campus with their photo id's, campus maps, and lanyards. I feel like you can pick them out of a crowd and I wonder if that was me only two years ago. These past two years have gone by so fast but I can't wait to see what these next two are going to bring.
Living in my own apartment is ahhh-mazing and getting away from the rents for another nine months has its perks. Overall, I'm stoked to be here!

About Me...Just in case you were curious!

I think one word pretty much sums me up..........................................................
Still waiting...ya most people are!
I'm a simple girl who loves to have a good time with my friends, listen to fantastic music, enjoy the outdoors and shop, but what girl doesn't?
I'm a junior public relations major at Ohio Northern University in the bustling metropolis of Ada, Ohio. I'm involved in Greek life on campus. PRSSA, work at our sweet radio station (also known as WONB), and do interviews and stories for the sports information services on campus. I love Padronies pizza, am horrible with directions, am a total procrastinator, and have an addiction to shoes. Overall, I'm just your average everyday random girl with bad jokes, but sweet one liners ,living in this big, big world!