Friday, September 12, 2008

New INfluencers....Ch. 1

Wow, after a story like that i am left dumbfounded as to some people and there lack of ability to deal with people, at least well. Hearing the story of Vincent Ferrari was a first for me but brought me a good chuckle to end my evening. Now, I'm not normally one to judge, and I know some people are just not good at customer service, but my god, isn't it mandatory to take some sort of course or do they just let anyone answer phones these days. I mean doesn't a company have more than one position open, I mean there are jobs in which you don't have to talk to people you can talk to plants, or cleaning supplies or cafeteria food. I mean you are still making your mark on history but in a less idiotic way. Instead of making yourself or the company look like fools, you can do it behind the scenes where honestly no one sees, or if they do they don't get paid enough to care. Waiting fifteen minutes to simply cancel a service plan is outrages and downright annoying. Not that I spend all my days saving lives or the earth from self destruction, but I do have things to do with my time and I know sitting on hold on the phone for such a simple action as to cancel an AOL plan is insulting. The poor AOL man must have skipped out on a few PR classes in college because I'm pretty sure somewhere along the line no means no. I feel like the company should change up their interviewing process or make their phone calls self-destruct after five minute conversations so as to avoid this problem in the future. All in all, this situtaion(cancelling the account) was not handled well and outraged people across the board. Do you blame us? I do have to give some props to the big men upstairs, they took responsibility and told the people they messed up; SUPRISE TO US? NOT.....WE ALREADY KNOW! I feel like the main point I'm trying to get across is let the product do the talking...not you! I really enjoyed this chapter.

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Anonymous said...

I agree Tegan,I liked this chapter in the book as well. I feel that as a 30 year old the man can take care of himself and the man providing such "service" didnt need to ask the guy to speak with his dad...haha and he MUST HAVE missed some PR classes or something along the way, he wasnt taking NO for an answer! Good way to open the New Influencers with this AOL experience.