Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Week 10-Reading

This chapter of New Influences really hit home for me. Just this past weekend I was talking to my dad about the importance of him, as a self owning business man, needed to start a blog. He had no idea what I was talking about. He has a small tax business in which he is always thinking of new ways to market to those in need of tax help. He has written books, made tapes and just recently started a Web site. I told him he was on the right track but he needed to get on the blogging train.

I showed him the basic format, what time he would need to commit to keeping the blog up to date and how to link to his site. I really think he is now considering starting up his own. I told him if he simply took twenty minutes every morning to answer a question, talk about a confusing topic or just give an example of the previous days events he would be well on his way to a successful blog. I was surprised when he said he had heard other tax practitioners beginning to follow this new path of social media. Maybe my dad is cooler than I thought?

In closing, I would totally have to agree to the importance of blogs to a corporation. What a better way to reach the public. Blogs are cheap, easy to maintain and simply take just a few minutes a day. Refusing to keep up with the times or adapt to this new social media is not smart for companies that want to remain or become successful. The growth of blogging has continued to expand over the past few years. This is a definite sign blogging isn't going any where soon.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't even met your dad and I bet he is wicked cool. I am so excited that your dad is thinking about starting a blog. Maybe you can download a picture for him to put in his profile of you and him and maybe he can be one of your creepers one day! I bet nothing would make you happier than having your dad being updated on your life not only through email, and phone calls, but also by reading and commenting on your blogs.
On a more serious note, I agree with your comment about the importance of blogs to a corporation and blogs being a great way to reach the public! Cheap, easy, and low maintenance--what else could you ask for? Good luck helping your dad if he does decide to join the blogging train like us cool chicks!