Thursday, September 18, 2008

The New Rules of Marketing & that's a mouthful!

So I finally got my books for class, ya ya I know I'm about two weeks later, but come on now who are we talking to here?! I decide to be an overachiever and crack it open early, yes I know that's a shocker to most of you, but who knows maybe I'm turning a new leaf. Ya, I know prob not but it sure sounds good, doesn't it?! Anyways, after finally figuring out which book and chapter we are supposed to divulge ourselves into (seriously Aggy..I feel like I am deciphering the Morse code with all your abbreviations) I turn to chapter five. Guess what, the chapter was about my new addiction, blogging! First off, it's nice to know I'm not the only crazy out there that has to satisfy a blogging craving every night, but secondly I thought the section on organizations and employee blogging was pretty interesting.
Personally I feel that companies must enter into this new craze in order to keep up with our generation and stay tuned into what people want. This quote by Steve Goldstein on page 59 really stuck out to me, "You are what you publish. It is better to have a reputation than no reputation at all." I think people forget that your company isn't just what you produce or how you act. What you put out in the marketplace or publish throughout your company can speak for its self. Sometimes it is more powerful than specific actions themselves. In order to succeed and get ahead in the competitive business world people need to know who you are and what you stand for. Why trust you if they know nothing about you? What better way than to hear from those people that work for the company and live it on an everyday basis. Give them the freedom to express themselves. You never know, treat them well and they will most likely hold you in a higher regard than you might think. As the book points out, "blogs are like the sound of independent voices." (pg 48)
So I guess if you couldn't tell by now, I totally agree with David Scott!

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