Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 9-PR

So tonight at PRSSA Bill Sedzik, a professor at Kent State spoke to us on an interesting topic that not many people ever talk about. The topic is gender imbalance in PR. This particular topic jumped out at me. I noticed at conference that nearly 80-90 percent of students were women. Now I'm not going to lie, I don't mind seeing some sexy men walking around but women get on my nerves. If I saw one more Coach purse I think I was going to puke. Sorry, I just had to get that out. Getting back on topic...Women are career women, willing to sacrifice to get ahead and for the most part are good communicators.

I feel that men are intimidated, or just don't feel like they can have the power they are striving for in the future. This mindset needs to shift or eventually men will be totally out of the profession. I don't want the time to come when men simply get a job just because they need to fill quota. I also don't want to make less money just because those in power feel like we do less of a job. Women have proved themselves for the last I don't know how many years, but men need to step it up.

I feel that more information needs to be created in order to turn the heads of men, for the future of PR. Starting at a younger age group, making high school's aware, and proving that those in the PR realm aren't just soft, creative, chicks who look pretty and know how to get what they want. We aren't spin doctors, we aren't just full of BS and we don't just make love not war. You men out there...this is for you! Become aware, show you care and prove you are just as much if not more capable of charming and chatting than the pretty, little ladies around you.

Week 9-ONU

So get this, week nine is approaching and I have yet to go home and see the family. Now, I am not normally one that likes to constantly go home and miss out on the wonderful festivities here at Northern, but occasionally a girl just wants to sleep in her own bed and eat a decent home cooked meal. Well, that girl is me!
I am stoked because for the first weekend of the quarter I finally get to go home, kick up my feet and do nothing for an entire weekend. No work, no homework, and no responsibility. Simply enjoying the lameness of Marion, Ohio and seeing my townie friends. What more could someone want, right?
Now, I know there is all this excitement about the big bang Halloween bash, but honestly to me it is just like every other day. I didn't celebrate it as a kid, costumes are like fifty bucks, and if I want some candy I'll probably just run to Wal-Mart and pick up a bag of Reece's Pieces. I know it sounds lame, but believe it or not Halloween will be here next year. Don't get too excited kids. It's not like I am alienating myself from the world, I mean it's not like I ever got to trick or treat anyways.
So have fun this weekend all you Halloween partiers. All you females out there that use Halloween as that one day to dress like a slut and tell yourself it's ok. Have fun freezing off your bum, putting on your beer goggles and looking like fools, at least this time with a purpose. I will be at home enjoying my hot cocoa and kicking it with the fam! Jealous? You should be...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week 8-Reading

I know interviewing is apparently the way to go but I would disagree. I believe in today's world interviewing is not the best way to come across new and important information. People today are busy and do not have time to sit down and conduct a one on one in your face interview. I have learned this from personal experience. Working at the radio and having to find two people to interview is hard enough in its' self. People are either to busy or would rather just e-mail or talk on the phone. The concept of interviewing needs to be changed.
I believe the new way to get the Internet is through social media. Blogs, e-mails and other various sources are the best way to get information and get the information necessary for whatever you may be doing. This course of action may be awkward for some people but in today's changing world it is necessary for success. I feel that many companies will follow this course of action in order to accomplish the task at hand. The future only knows which way will work best for PR practitioners.

week 8-PR

OH Penelope! Well this weekend learned that apparently the word spin and fuck are appropriate in the PRSA world. Well dear god, if this is the case, I missed the memo. In all honesty, I thought her personality and enthusiasm were awesome, but honestly her personality sucked and she lacked in the speaking skills realm. I was astounded at some of her remarks and thought that she was not professional.
Her main points were good but the way she relayed them to her audience was bad, even for us PRSSA members. The word spin is a no no word. This terminology gives PR practitioners a bad name and conveys to the public that we lie in order to get our point across. Others, including the MC tried to help her in relaying what, "she really meant by the word spin", but she did not know when to stop. Penelope continued to use the word and continued to dig herself a hole.
I was not impressed by her speech and thought that in the future PRSA needs to have a better handle on their speakers and the topics they are covering. Next conference I would hope that someone else has stepped up to the podium and we no longer have to hear words from Penelope!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Week 8-PR

So I am pretty excited for tomorrow morning. Well, not the waking up early part but the road trip to Detroit, McDonald's breakfast oh yes and did I mention PRSSA conference. Jenna, Amber, Madison and myself will be making the eventful journey by ourselves into the ghetto. No offense to any of you that may live in or around the city of Detroit, but when I hear about the fact that Taco Bell has bullet proof glass with microphones and turntables so as to not have to make one on one contact with customers I get a little freaked out. This being my first conference experience I am slightly nervous/excited.
Half of our group is going down tonight, while the rest of us will meet up with them tomorrow to kick off the festivities. Evan, Katalyn, Brian and Natalyn are presenting and from what I heard in practice the other day they were well on their way to perfection. I have heard that ONU's PRSSA has quite the reputation, well in a good way that is. Apparently, when we step up to the mic people really listen. I hope to learn a lot not only from our group but from the various other speakers who will be in attendance.
Going to conference really reminds me of the fact that I am growing up and will soon enter the world of PR in a professional setting. I am hoping that this experience allows me to absorb some of this knowledge and helps me become more comfortable in this type of setting. Another plus, networking, never a bad day when you can pick up some business cards, eat some yummy food and mingle with the pros.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Week 7-Reading

I would have to say, I know we are in the 21st century but I am still shocked as to some of the information people are willing to post online. I had no idea a web site was created specifically focusing on the unethical or immoral situations people experienced on an everyday basis. I am aware you can be anonymous but one way or another someone always has the capability to find out. I don't know if I would have the courage to post something that could potentially risk my position or career. apparently I'm one of the few to feel this way considering the amount of hits on the Web site and the expansion of viral marketing.
Word of mouth has now expanded to meet this new system known as Viral Marketing. This system, which relies on others to spread information about whatever product they are trying to sell, sheds a whole new light traditional marketing strategies. Allowing others the power to either make or break whatever you are advertising shows you have no problem or you are just plain crazy.
Now,viral videos are something I am a little more familiar with. My generation constantly is surfing the Internet looking for the next big hit. We check YouTube on a constant basis and even add videos we made ourselves. Some days I feel like I learn more from a two minute video or catch up on the latest music hits than I could from reading an actual story. I watch what my friends say is good or funny, without hesitation. Taking advice from those I know is easier and sometimes more useful than finding the information out from an outside source. Using the previous sources is the new way to keep updated on what's happening in our world. Honestly, I can't imagine living without them nor could I see the generation behind ours survive.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 7-PR

In my voyage to the library, and my extensive research, I came across a book entitled Adcult USA. First of all I would like to say I did not know it was possible to write 350 pages on advertising. Second, I have to admit, I thought it was pretty interesting and learned some things I never even knew applied to that topic.
I thought it was amazing how not only advertising, but the avenues used have changed so drastically in the last 100 years. Newspapers, radio, television, Internet and the sub categories most aren't even familiar with. Advertising has mad our culture what it is today, however recognizing that is not always clear cut.
In today's society brands are what sells. We don't even have to know what a product is or how it works. If we are familiar with the brand and one of our friends (through word of mouth) tells us to try it we give it a go with no hesitation. If we see an advertisement we try to avoid it.
The Internet is the new hot spot for ads. People are willing to spend money avoiding commercials or ads by purchasing tools such as Tivo. They will turn off the tv or fast forward through a video. Now a days the Internet puts it in your face, placing advertisements in avenues we aren't even aware we are affected by.
The industry has to be smart and keep up with the times in order to continue to have an affect on our generation. Otherwise, they are just waisting their money and our time.

Death by boredom...Week 7

So I do believe I was in the library today longer than I have been all quarter. I have to do a research paper for Dr. I's Research class, and in all my infinite wisdom I chose the topic, the evolution of advertising. Why do you ask, well currently I am asking myself the same question. I was also wondering how many people have considered/committed suicide while in the library. I mean people do say Hetterick is haunted, maybe that's the real answer.
After about eight hours of sitting on the third floor where silence is golden and those that break it may possibly break a ligament, I was about to go nuts. I honestly don't know how people do it EVERY DAY. I think it takes a special breed to accomplish a task like that, because let me tell you what after a couple hours of that I'm stressed. Not only does the atmosphere scream boredom, the people are not to friendly looking either. I think I was almost murdered at one point.
I opened up my book bag, which most normal people wouldn't be bothered by but those on the third floor have special x-ray hearing and could hear a pin drop, ON THE CARPET and got the stare down from three people around me. I don't even think two of them spoke English. Next I had to get my computer out. Well I apparently didn't have the sound completely off and the little intro jingle is not welcomed in the place of silence, again with the angry eyes from those around me. Well, then there is the cell phone that even though its on vibrate and may be acceptable on floors one and two now has to be turned to completely silent for fear someone might throw it out the window. Hmmmm...maybe not because opening the window might make more noise, I wonder?! Last but not least I had to open my absentee ballot, which has been sitting in my mailbox for approximately a week because I am too lazy to go to the Mac anymore, and the ripping sound filled the air. Yes, I really thought I was going to be asked to leave. After all that I was a bit stressed. These people do not make for an easy learning environment, plus my blood pressure shot up about ten points.
Needless to say, I do not feel as though I will be returning to the third floor anytime soon. NO, I feel I will leave that to the brave, quiet souls who are used to complete silence and can work under stressful situations.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 6-Reading

I have begun to think about things that I always took for granted before, in the the technological world that is the Internet. Search engines and the many advantages they offer. Now i'm not just talking your everday Google, what's the weather, search. I am talking the in-depth, who is posting now and what big names are popping up, alerts. Now a days we can all we have to do as Internet savvy users is type in a name, company or link and BLAM, the alerts come screaming! Not only does this save time but it prevents us from having to deal with the hassle of research. I'm not saying I know how to use all the "new-finagled" operating tools but either way it still beats the old school research methods. I've got to give some praise to companies like Technorati, Feedster, BlogPulse and others for making my life a heck of a lot easier. If we can do all this now, imagine what the future will bring in online research.
I feel like this also gives companies an easy way to check up on what others are saying about them, whether it be good or bad. They can keep track of their employees, stocks and other important issues such as competitors. Companies are only smart to stay one step ahead of the competition if they wish to be the, "alpha dog" so to speak. Imagine a job where all you did was sit and see what people were blogging about your boss or company. I think that would be pretty sweet. Where can I sign up?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Week 6-ONU

Now I know it is about that time in every student's college career where they sit back and reassess who they are and what the heck they are doing with their life. However, I feel like I am hitting that stage a little early and with a bang. When I entered this quarter I had no idea what to expect. I was excited about the upcoming events and was confident that I could do it all, and well at that. However, as I look at my calendar, the red pen bleeding from the page, I'm beginning to think what the heck is going on and how do I keep on top of all the chaos.
We are halfway through the quarter and I am busier than I have ever been thus far. Let me tell you what, I sometimes wish I was a freshman again. NO responsibilities, or at least if you did you were too busy with a social life to care. As homework begins to pile up, the Firm is loaded with clients, and both jobs are demanding time and energy (I used to have but now am not sure where it or when it decided to check out) I am feeling quite overwhelmed. I don't know how those crazy, "multi-taskers" do it.
Now I have come a long way as far as focusing, at least on academics, and prioritizing, but dear god I feel like I am going to need counciling by the time this is all over. I understand college is the time you grow up and become an adult, but I wonder if you look at the statistics how many people had mental breakdowns or cut their wrists and played in traffic on the way to graduation. I for one feel that I am on that path...WATCH OUT PEOPLE, four more weeks off fall quarter to go!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Talk about motivation-Week 6 PR

WOW! Tonight was amazing and I left the room feeling inspired. Dr. Joe Trahan came to speak to our PRSSA chapter. He spoke about being a LEADER and the attributions that one should acquire. I thought the topics he brought up were dead on. So many times leaders forget the basics and overlook the small things that got them to where they are now. Leaders need to inspire, lead by example, communicate (well), and be able to accept failure. All of the above, used together for the right reasons could do wonders. When you aim high, set goals, and have determination there is no stopping what people can do. Student leaders need to step up and lead by example. I think my favorite quote that so many of us to forget is, "don't just be a critic on the side lines."
As a leader in various organizations so many people are willing to complain or whine about what they don't like or feel need to be changed but refuse to do anything about time. Why not change things up? Make your voice heard and get the ball rolling. Don't be afraid to take on that leadership role, you may never know who might follow. Like I said, this compelled me to do things differently.
I have this new desire to get involved, make a few waves and dig in deep to new activities. This was a refresher and made me feel grounded again. I think so many people have good ideas they just don't know what to do with them or how to go about getting it accomplished. My advice, just jump in!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Week 5-Reading

I was engrossed in this weeks reading. I thought the things that people have done, on their own no less, with new technology and social media is amazing. I love that small business have latched on to these new ideas. The growth and prosperity that can/will come out of something so simple and convenient is just what these organizations need. Finally something that will give them that jump start and help them move in the right direction, and fast at that. It's about time they were given a chance to finally compete against these huge corporations. I guess all this hits close to home for me as my dad is a small business owner himself. He is definitely in that older generation that is unsure of this new technology, but I do have to hand it to him, he is really trying. It makes me laugh sometimes when he knows more about various tools on the Internet than I or my brother do. He is starting to create a Web site for his tax business, and I think next time I go home I should really try to convince him to start a blog. The man likes to talk about numbers, so instead of talking to me where everything goes over my head, he might as well talk to those other crazy number lovers out there that might actually benefit from what he is saying.

I think the advice given by Paul Gillin is dead on. Research is important, not only so you know what you are talking about but who you are competing against. I do have to say the world of bloggers is a little more friendly than most atmospheres but people still want to make money and get ahead. You have to know where to market not only your product but yourself. You need to know how the people think, where they search, how they go about doing it and what they really want.
Getting personal makes you more than just a company trying to do business, but someone who cares about their clients and understands their wants and needs on a level in which you might talk to a friend about a problem. If you feel more at ease with someone aren't you more likely to work with them in the future?
The cost makes it all worth your while. Let's face it, small start-up business don't have a lot of money to throw around, and if they do they have probably already done it. How do you reach a mass amount of people, within a short period of time using the least amount of funds possible? of course, podcast, use technology as a friend, not an enemy. Just because you may not understand it, or you think its not for you why not give it a try? It can't hurt and your not really losing much money in the process...Think about it!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week 5-PR

It's that time again, yes Thursday night PRSSA meetings where sweet alums come in and talk about their great jobs and amazing careers. The conversations that make you jealous but motivate you at the same time. Well, tonight Billy Fischer, an alum from ONU that now works at B&A, came to speak. He focused on social media and making your personal brand. I was pretty stoked just from hearing the topic choice. First off I am definitely going to visit his blog and hopefully start to find some contacts via online sources.
I thought his idea of making your own brand, finding out who you are and letting people know, was a great start. In order to get somewhere, someone else has to know you exist, in a good way that is.
Anymore, there are so many avenues in which you can get your name out there and become a "follower". Simply following with no action is pointless. If you follow with brains and a purpose you will be set a part from the pack. Be a leader not a follower. Show interest in other people's blogs, get a head start on new sources of social media and leave your mark. Have a bio and have a reason.
Another thing that really stuck out to me was his comment about Facebook. I know so many people in our generation don't think about what they post, which in the future could really ruin your chances of getting a job let alone an interview. He said treat your page like you treat your desk, a little bit of personal a little bit of professional. In other words, put some pictures of your family, friends or your dog. Keep things that represent you and your personality in plain sight, but keep it at a level that older, sophisticated professionals would not mind seeing.
Lastly, I was surprised at all the up and coming Web sites such as flickr,, word press, slide rocket, blog beat, podzinger, clip shack, all top and web strategy. Over 100 other ways to get your information out to employers. So when you are sitting at home, in the mood to creep but have no idea where to start, pick one of these. Oh and by the way, let me know how it goes?

Week 5...ONU

So today was like Christmas in October or a pint of Ben and Jerry's with extra toppings! I traveled to the bustling metropolis of Kenton and got my new, that's right the big 2-1, id. Be jealous all you youngens out there, you unfortunate under ages in the world. That's right, I'm getting old and the hill is coming. Just kidding, today wasn't the official day but I'm counting down...3 more to go. I woke up, headed to work and finally looked at the mirror...disastrous. There was no way I was getting my picture taken, considering I have to keep this one for the next five years of life, and letting it turn out like the last one. Yes, I do have a deep hatred for the picture that scared my life for the first five. I do recall getting the comment of, Oh my god Tegan you look like a little boy. Thanks guys, a definite comfidence booster. Even better, I went to windsor for a friends formals. Got id at the door, no problem its not a fake, I'm 18. I'm feeling pretty bad a**, show my id and get the up-down once over. Are you serious, this guy doesn't believe me. No, don't think about the fact that the my two girlfriends in front of me had fakes and got in no problem, leave it to me to get stopped at the door. GRRRRRR!
I shower, pick out a cute shirt and jump in the car. First of all, I would advise you mapquest where you are going or perhaps have a general idea of the area, I had no clue where I was going. Second, I get inside, fill out my paperwork and about fail my eye test. HOW EMBARASSING! I felt like a complete idiot while this woman is telling me to tell her when I see the lights blinking, I have no idea what she is talking about. I SEE NO DOTS! We go through this process for about five minutes before I realize my hair is in the way and that I'm not completely oblivious. Well it gets better, she asks me a series of questions, you know the ones that are like, do you have a ticket, have you lost your license for any reason, are you addicted to alcohol, can you make smart decisions while driving. I can't help but about bust up laughing. Who the heck would answer yes anyways. Why yes mam, I am jacked up on Vicadin and can't go a day without a six pack of Bud Light. I am a horrible driver and have come into close calls with pedestrians. Seriously, unless you are certifiably insane, there is no way you would admit to any of that. We finally sit down to take the picture and I sit in the wrong seat. By this time I think this woman thinks I'm nuts and just want to get my picture and leave. However, knowing me I have to make one last dumb remark before exiting the building, so I make her show me the picture and OK it before she prints it out. Thank god I don't have to go get another id for the next five years, if that woman wasn't dead or retired I think she would deny me!