Sunday, December 28, 2008

Paging the love doctor!?

I have finally decided through my 21 years of relationship experience, or lack their of, that either the love doctor took a permanent vacation or my hopeful prayer of a personal Hitch never made it to the big man upstairs. I will have to go with the latter of the two. Relationships are one of the most stressful and in some cases idiotic and confusing roller coasters we continue to stand in line and strap into. Are we really nuts or do we just enjoy various periods of pain and misery. Not to sound like Ms. Debbie Downer or anything but a solution or some kind of miraculous Mary Poppins coming to save the day would be lovely!
I'm not saying I am an expert on relationships or love but I have had my share of uh-ha moments. However, I still haven't seemed to find the cure for heartache or total, excuse my French, but "WTF just happened" moments. If at any time someone discovers, not the cure for cancer but the cure for love, feel free to let me know. Until then I guess I'll just keep paging the Love Doctor.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I thought rain and brown grass were signs of Spring not Winter

I have decided that Ohio weather is clearly not correct but confused instead. Tell me if I am wrong, but for some reason I thought frolicking in the snow and dreaming of a "White Christmas" wasn't some new idea or out of this world conception. Apparently this is true, just not in Ohio. Instead we get rain and brown grass with a touch of cloudy skies. What a pretty picture-Not! Did we just not get the memo or is this new dreary day the new fad for Christmas morning? If this is the case I might as well move, at least Florida knows they won't be disappointed when they sing those silly Christmas songs.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The mall+holiday shopping=chaos

I have decided that shopping during the holidays is not good for your blood pressure or your pocketbook. I finally made the bold trip out into the wild to get those last minute gifts for the family. Seriously, by last minute I mean I still needed to purchase something for everyone in my family. Now I know some people start shopping for Christmas presents December 26th and seem to be done, presents wrapped and stowed away for the following holiday by the 27th, but that's just not me. I'm sorry but I just have to say, YOU PEOPLE ARE NUTS. However, I am slightly jealous. I feel like shopping during the holidays takes a special gift, or maybe it just takes special people. In any case, I do not and probably never will be a fan of Christmas shopping. My bets are still on Santa to come through for the winter holidays. So for all you go getters out there good luck and God speed, but remember to save some gifts for the rest of us (I am a fan of those Wal-Mart specials)!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flat tires are not fun, along with various other activites that occured this weekend

This weekend was ridiculous. For starters I think between my boyfriend and I everything that could have gone wrong did. I don't know if it's just the fact that I am ready to go on break or what, but going back to Marion for a little R&R doesn't sound so bad.

Friday I was excited. The weekend had officially begun and I was getting out of Ada for a few hours to go to a Christmas party, or at least that was the plan. I'm driving down 30 music bumping and a smile on my face when I hear a loud "pop", see smoke, and can't get my car to keep up speed. I pull off the side of the road and discover my tire has blown out in five spots. Some random stranger pulls up behind me about ten minutes later, which totally freaks me out, and decides to save the day. Of course me, keeping it classy in my heels and dress pants, feel completely stupid and just smile while he works his magic, or at least tries. Whatever tire iron he has definitely doesn't fit; screw that idea.

I call up my best friend and ask him to venture out in the cold to come change my tire. He, being the great and lovely friend that he is, pulls up behind me about fifteen minutes later. He gets out of the truck, puts on his Carhart overalls, and gets to work. I watch of course, from the inside of his warm truck, while he puts on the spare. He fixes the problem in about ten minutes and I get back on my way.

Not ten minutes later my car starts to rumble and vibrate. I have no clue what's going on but keep driving anyways. Not a few seconds later I see half my tire flying across the road and more smoke. Seriously, at this point I don't think things can get much worse for the night. I pull over for the second time, annoyed and frustrated.

I call my friend back and ask him to turn around and come save me for the second time. I also call my boyfriend and tell him that my half an hour of being late is going to be a little longer that I thought. Oh yeah, and the fact that he should come pick me up so I didn't have to sit on the side of the road by myself (that's the calm version). About ten minutes later we're having a party on the side of the highway.

My friend Jared, my boyfriend and his brother-in-law and of course me and my car, one tire down, decided to have a reunion. The first thing my boyfriend does, after asking if I'm OK, is laugh. Oh I was so mad, I did not yet see the comedy in the situation. I was still cold, my car was still sitting on the side of the road, and I couldn't feel my toes.

So this trip that was supposed to take an hour and fifteen minutes, took about three. Talk about a crappy Friday night. Next time I might as well just walk, It would probably take about the same amount of time. A word to the wise, when traveling down rt. 30 bring the following: blankets, cell phone and multiple tires; you know, just in case!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seriously...I'm not shopping there

Oh my gosh, today was probably one of the best afternoons I've had in a while. Well maybe, I mean it's hard to compete with the constant precipitation and booming life in Ada, but I think this one may have taken the cake. Jenna and I busted out of our meeting and made the exciting, ok so maybe I'm fibbing, trip to Lima.

Festivities began when we stepped into the tanning establishment. So me being the whitey that I am and my boyfriend telling me only two days in advance that we were going to semi-formals, I decided to sign up for fake-bakers-R-Us. Try having some girl that's about 90lbs. soaking wet spray you down with fake paint in your skives. No matter what you talk about, you know that's gonna be one awkward conversation. Poor girl, maybe she is filling out applications as we speak for a new job.

Next we decided to skip out on Wally-World and head to the mall, or at least that was the plan. About half way there, I decided I had no clue where I was going and preceded to go though my contacts list, starting with the letter A, until someone told me where to go. Hmmm, maybe for Christmas Santa should bring me some GPS. The Lima mall does is not every girls dream of a shopping experience to remember, but It will do.

First stop, Debbs. Jenna was not having it. She straight up was like not happening, that place is ghetto and they don't have any good clothes. We walked in to look at shoes and not five minutes later she found a pair she wanted to buy. I seriously couldn't help but laugh. Guess she changed her mind on the, quote on quote ghettoness of the place. We finished up walking around the mall and headed out.

This weekend is the ugly sweater party, so we decide to stop at this creepy, hole in the wall thrift store which no person in their right mind would stop at after dark. We found gold, let me tell you what. Christmas turtlenecks that looked like they were from a bad Baby Gap magazine, denim and plaid vests and some old school sweater my mom would have rocked out back in the day. Don't let me forget the diamond in the rough, at a bargain price of....wait for it...25 cents; an I love Christmas pin! Total price, $12.50.

Overwhelmed with pride, and thankful we found outfits for the weekend events, we headed out to my car. First of all, I was happy to see my hubcaps were still in tact. Second, my car looked like someone had been going at it in the back seat; my windows were completely fogged up. After recovering from laughing so hard, we headed home, but before we got there I was craving food hard core.

We stopped at Kewpee, Jenna's first experience, and indulged in calorie overload. So much for all the calories we power walked off at the mall. Of course I had to experience one awkward moment before we left, or our experience would not have been complete. Jenna ordered first, set down her tray and booked it to the ladies' room. I on the other hand was totally not paying attention and stood starring into the restaurant, tray in hand, looking like a freshmen on the first day of school in the cafeteria. Some older women had to tell me where she went, I didn't feel like a complete fool or anything. Overall, the trip was ridiculous, but honestly I don't think I could have had it any other way!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And You Thought I Was Gone...

It has been a while since I have ventured to this site. Over break I felt no motivation to do anything, let alone write. However, that little bit of PR inside me is screaming to come out. Therefore, I decided to get back on the horse and share my thoughts, feelings and experiences with the public (even if the public consists of my 16 classmates who also have nothing better to do during the day). Thanks Agozzino, for making us all addicts.
Winter quarter is underway and I am already in need of a little R&R. Guess no matter where I go, I can't hide from the chaos that being a college student brings. Honestly, I think it's in my blood now. I seem to thrive in hectic schedules and long days. Dear God, what is happening? Is that the voice of reason kicking in, does this mean I'm growing up and realizing that I am about to enter the real world. There is only one thing I can say to this, BRING IT ON BECAUSE IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME!
Stay tuned...The adventures are sure to begin if your in need of a good laugh you might want to keep reading...............................................