Thursday, October 16, 2008

Death by boredom...Week 7

So I do believe I was in the library today longer than I have been all quarter. I have to do a research paper for Dr. I's Research class, and in all my infinite wisdom I chose the topic, the evolution of advertising. Why do you ask, well currently I am asking myself the same question. I was also wondering how many people have considered/committed suicide while in the library. I mean people do say Hetterick is haunted, maybe that's the real answer.
After about eight hours of sitting on the third floor where silence is golden and those that break it may possibly break a ligament, I was about to go nuts. I honestly don't know how people do it EVERY DAY. I think it takes a special breed to accomplish a task like that, because let me tell you what after a couple hours of that I'm stressed. Not only does the atmosphere scream boredom, the people are not to friendly looking either. I think I was almost murdered at one point.
I opened up my book bag, which most normal people wouldn't be bothered by but those on the third floor have special x-ray hearing and could hear a pin drop, ON THE CARPET and got the stare down from three people around me. I don't even think two of them spoke English. Next I had to get my computer out. Well I apparently didn't have the sound completely off and the little intro jingle is not welcomed in the place of silence, again with the angry eyes from those around me. Well, then there is the cell phone that even though its on vibrate and may be acceptable on floors one and two now has to be turned to completely silent for fear someone might throw it out the window. Hmmmm...maybe not because opening the window might make more noise, I wonder?! Last but not least I had to open my absentee ballot, which has been sitting in my mailbox for approximately a week because I am too lazy to go to the Mac anymore, and the ripping sound filled the air. Yes, I really thought I was going to be asked to leave. After all that I was a bit stressed. These people do not make for an easy learning environment, plus my blood pressure shot up about ten points.
Needless to say, I do not feel as though I will be returning to the third floor anytime soon. NO, I feel I will leave that to the brave, quiet souls who are used to complete silence and can work under stressful situations.

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