Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week 5-PR

It's that time again, yes Thursday night PRSSA meetings where sweet alums come in and talk about their great jobs and amazing careers. The conversations that make you jealous but motivate you at the same time. Well, tonight Billy Fischer, an alum from ONU that now works at B&A, came to speak. He focused on social media and making your personal brand. I was pretty stoked just from hearing the topic choice. First off I am definitely going to visit his blog and hopefully start to find some contacts via online sources.
I thought his idea of making your own brand, finding out who you are and letting people know, was a great start. In order to get somewhere, someone else has to know you exist, in a good way that is.
Anymore, there are so many avenues in which you can get your name out there and become a "follower". Simply following with no action is pointless. If you follow with brains and a purpose you will be set a part from the pack. Be a leader not a follower. Show interest in other people's blogs, get a head start on new sources of social media and leave your mark. Have a bio and have a reason.
Another thing that really stuck out to me was his comment about Facebook. I know so many people in our generation don't think about what they post, which in the future could really ruin your chances of getting a job let alone an interview. He said treat your page like you treat your desk, a little bit of personal a little bit of professional. In other words, put some pictures of your family, friends or your dog. Keep things that represent you and your personality in plain sight, but keep it at a level that older, sophisticated professionals would not mind seeing.
Lastly, I was surprised at all the up and coming Web sites such as flickr,, word press, slide rocket, blog beat, podzinger, clip shack, all top and web strategy. Over 100 other ways to get your information out to employers. So when you are sitting at home, in the mood to creep but have no idea where to start, pick one of these. Oh and by the way, let me know how it goes?

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