Monday, February 23, 2009

Thanks Mom!

So as I get older and more mature, or maybe it's just older and poorer, I seem to appreciate my family a heck of a lot more than in previous years. It's the little things that get me excited and make me miss home. Like today for example. I was sitting in the PAC Lab working on some last minute studying when I get a text message from my boss. First can I just say I always feel awkward when my boss texts me. I guess it will be really scary when my 60 year old mother (sorry mom, you are young at heart though) sends a text for the first time. Man, where did time go?

Anyways back to my story, my boss tells me I have a "delivery." First of all that word delivery is just sketchy. What exactly does that mean, a card, flowers, chocolates and from who, your boyfriend, best friend, parent or some creeper down the curb. That's right people, you know exactly what I'm talking about. When someone uses the word delivery, you say hmmmm and your mind stars to wander as to what this special delivery could entail.

OK, so let's get back on track. This studying for finals things is totally getting my mind outta whack lately. I get to work and my boss just smiles and tells me "it's in the office." She peers through the window as I open the door, turn on the light and see what my mysterious delivery really is. A big, yellow, smiley balloon, some pretty pink flowers and a card. Who sent it you may be wondering. Was it my secret admirer or special friend, nope my mom. That's right all, be jealous because the card even had a poem. A rhyming poem at that.

How freaking cool do I feel right now! I strut out the door, delivery in hand and announce to the world that I have the coolest mom in the world. That's right, family gets a lot cooler when you get older. Keep them coming mom, I can handle these so called deliveries all quarter long!

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