Thursday, September 18, 2008

So I don't hate people...I think I was just having a bad day

Have you ever sat alone for long enough your mind starts to race, your thoughts are outta control and something clicks? Well my thoughts have been erupting like Mount Vesuvius on a bad day and Lately I feel like I have gotten hit by the epiphany bus. Things that I never noticed before seem to come alive. Comments people make seem immature as opposed to the comedy I used to find in conversing with them. Places that used to feel secure and comfortable seem distant and unfamiliar. Relationships seem to unravel and people seem to change. True feelings come to the surface and people finally become transparent, no longer able to hide their fears, uneasiness, or lack of confidence. People, life, and situations become real!

As I have entered my first two weeks of junior year and realized oh my god I graduate next year, something in me has let loose. My goals, the things I appreciate and what I find important seems to have drastically changed. I feel like if I were to introduce the Tegan of today with that of freshman year I wouldn’t know who I was talking to. Sometimes I wonder if other people missed that memo, ya you know the one where you finally have to grow up and do something valuable with your life.

Sometimes I just wanna scream what the heck is wrong with you people, but honestly I don’t know if anyone would even notice. They seem to be too caught up in boys, drinking and the latest party or social event to realize the real things that are important in life. The things that build character shape you as a person and make you into who you are. Granted, I understand some people are slower than others and are a little slower at getting on the bus, but sometimes I wonder if they just missed it all together. In a way, instead of envying or idolizing them, I feel sorry for them.

I don’t know maybe I just fell and bumped my head, but if so I may just have to start pushing people down in order to help them get up! Now stop and think about that one…

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