Thursday, October 23, 2008

Week 8-PR

So I am pretty excited for tomorrow morning. Well, not the waking up early part but the road trip to Detroit, McDonald's breakfast oh yes and did I mention PRSSA conference. Jenna, Amber, Madison and myself will be making the eventful journey by ourselves into the ghetto. No offense to any of you that may live in or around the city of Detroit, but when I hear about the fact that Taco Bell has bullet proof glass with microphones and turntables so as to not have to make one on one contact with customers I get a little freaked out. This being my first conference experience I am slightly nervous/excited.
Half of our group is going down tonight, while the rest of us will meet up with them tomorrow to kick off the festivities. Evan, Katalyn, Brian and Natalyn are presenting and from what I heard in practice the other day they were well on their way to perfection. I have heard that ONU's PRSSA has quite the reputation, well in a good way that is. Apparently, when we step up to the mic people really listen. I hope to learn a lot not only from our group but from the various other speakers who will be in attendance.
Going to conference really reminds me of the fact that I am growing up and will soon enter the world of PR in a professional setting. I am hoping that this experience allows me to absorb some of this knowledge and helps me become more comfortable in this type of setting. Another plus, networking, never a bad day when you can pick up some business cards, eat some yummy food and mingle with the pros.

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