Friday, October 10, 2008

Week 6-ONU

Now I know it is about that time in every student's college career where they sit back and reassess who they are and what the heck they are doing with their life. However, I feel like I am hitting that stage a little early and with a bang. When I entered this quarter I had no idea what to expect. I was excited about the upcoming events and was confident that I could do it all, and well at that. However, as I look at my calendar, the red pen bleeding from the page, I'm beginning to think what the heck is going on and how do I keep on top of all the chaos.
We are halfway through the quarter and I am busier than I have ever been thus far. Let me tell you what, I sometimes wish I was a freshman again. NO responsibilities, or at least if you did you were too busy with a social life to care. As homework begins to pile up, the Firm is loaded with clients, and both jobs are demanding time and energy (I used to have but now am not sure where it or when it decided to check out) I am feeling quite overwhelmed. I don't know how those crazy, "multi-taskers" do it.
Now I have come a long way as far as focusing, at least on academics, and prioritizing, but dear god I feel like I am going to need counciling by the time this is all over. I understand college is the time you grow up and become an adult, but I wonder if you look at the statistics how many people had mental breakdowns or cut their wrists and played in traffic on the way to graduation. I for one feel that I am on that path...WATCH OUT PEOPLE, four more weeks off fall quarter to go!