Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Seriously...did he just say that?!

So I'm sitting in my room after what feels like the longest day of my life aka the first day of classes. One would think that this would be a stress free and relaxing day, haha, not after 7 hours of back to back classes. I sit down, eat my twice microwaved leftovers and decide whether to be productive for the rest of the night or simply throw on the sweats break out then Ben and Jerrys and call it a college student's life! After doing neither of these I took a half-hour power nap, dressed to impress and headed over to the Freed Center to check out these so called, "comedians".
OH MY GOD...Freaking hilarious!! I think I laughed for about two hours straight, talk about an ab work out. I guess I can skip the crunches tonight! There was three comedians, a Jew, a Korean chick and some white guy. All of them had appeared on shows such as comedy central, MTV or various other comedy scenes. Let me tell you what, these guys were brutal and said some things that would make my mother's chin drop into a position so low she might not be able to get it up. They talked about vegetarians, gays, Sara Palin, and other things no college student cares about but thinks is totally awesome. It's always nice to see someone rip on the guy in front of you while you are secretly pointing and laughing saying, "thank god that wasn't me"! It always amuses me how people my age laugh at the stupidest things, which usually ends up making fun of them in some way or another. Hey, I guess that's what college is all about though, get all the, "stupid ", out of your system before you have to grow up and put on your big boy pants!


Professor Alisa Agozzino said...
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Professor Alisa Agozzino said...

Great post Tegan. You are a natural.

Katalyn said...

I was slightly nervous when I saw the title of this post. I thought you were going to say the OTHER comment we were laughing about.

On another note, what a great post. I can hear your voice telling a story as I read it!