Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 4_book(CM)

After totally slacking for the weekend I decided to pull out my Citizen's Marketer book. Reluctant to actually get to work, I finally read and decided chapter two wasn't all that bad! I was slightly motivated after simply reading the quote at the beginning of the page. The phrase, "The 1 percent that don't fit and don't care," made me wonder what these 1% were really about. Personally, I think it's awesome that those rebels are still alive and kicking. Things get to boring if people just simlply sit around and do what they are supposed to, what's the fun in that? Besides, those "crazy" ones as we like to call them seem to come up with some sweet ideas that probably wouldn't have happened if they were constantly concerned with what others were thinking. Don't lie to yourself, if you are totally straight and never vary from the course I bet you are a little jealous! Don't you wish you could jump out of the box, even if just for a few brief minutes, to feel the rush and make yourself known. I know I do! These people that live on the edge seem to lead the revolution, bringing about change and in reality making a difference.
I thought this whole idea of the 80/20 rule wasn't too far off. Sometimes I think it is hard for us to fathom such a small part of the population making such a big difference. You might think these 1% are far and few between, but stop and look around. I bet they made more of a difference than you would have ever expected.
The other thing I learned in this chapter is about the hidden light shed on Wikepedia, my previous Bible for useless/educational purposes :) Seriously, I had this bookmarked, favorited and on top of the list to find out that most of the information isn't even coming from people that necessicarily have a worthy opinion. That super-sucked, sad day now I have to find another sight to bookmark. Sorry Aggy, I always thought you were a little looney for hating on The Wik, as I like to call it, but now I sadly have to admit I have transformed to the dark side and now must agree with your opinion. Sad but true I know. I guess you win some and lose some. :(

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