Sunday, March 14, 2010

True or False? Journal Entry #1

After looking over three different photos (which can be found on Web CT) I was able to come up with the following information about each.

The questions were:
A)Are you familiar with the image? If so, how?
B)Do you think the image is true or false? Why?
C)What evidence do you have to support your conclusion?

Photo #1: Air France Crash
B)I think the image is false. There is no way someone could have taken this picture if the plane was about to crash. They would have been in a panic, trying to save their lives, not worried about the next front page cover for TIME magazine. Plus, the pressure would have been so strong there would have been no way to turn around and get that particular view.
C)The man in the back is flying out of the plane. Realistically, people would be trying to save him. The person taking the picture wouldn't have been able to hold on to the camera if the man in the back couldn't even stay in the plane. I also believe they wouldn't have been able to get to their camera. All their bags would have been blowing around the plane.

Photo #2: Hurricane Katrina Blows Car by Red Light Camera
A)No, although I feel as though I have seen something similar on the news.
B)I think the background image is real, but I feel as though the car was phottoshopped in. The color of the car looks off. It just doesn't fit with the rest of the picture.
C)The level at which the picture was taken would not be where a street light hung. It was too low to the ground. Also, if the winds were really up to 130 mph I think the electricity would have been out, thus resulting in no actual photo being taken. Lastly, the palm trees through me off. I didn't think they had any in New Orleans.

Photo #3: Luxury Yacht
B)I think the image looks false. It looks like a drawing or a painting an architect drew up for a client.
C)The water is too peaceful, the boat looks to large to have even been built yet and it just looks overall fake in my eyes. It looks like something I would see in a James Bond movie.

These are solely my own thoughts, no research was done in order to come to a conclusion. All my ideas are therefore subjective and could be wrong. What do you think?

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