Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Journal #5

Why did you choose the symbols you did?
The symbols I choose make up who I am as a person. They describe the things I like to do, places I want to go, things about my family and who I am as a person. They are the very essence of who "Tegan Ellis" really is on the inside. For example, I love to play tennis, listen to music and play with my dog. I also love to smile, am proud to be an American and have a birthday in October. These various symbols are signs of those things.

How does your photo differ from your rational and/or symbolic representation?
My photo is very black and white. You can see me and everything that is visual to the outside eye. It only tells simple things like what I look like, my ethnicity, how I do my hair, what clothes I wear and what color my eyes are. Beyond that, there is no depth. You don't know what I love, what makes me tick or what makes me who I am. The picture is very one sided whereas the symbols have more meaning. Meaning which might not make sense to an outsider, but to me they may mean everything.

*pictures were found on Flickr and Google images, not a product of my own

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