Friday, March 19, 2010

Lester's Six Perspectives for Analyzing Images

For this picture I chose the "personal" perspective.

I first studied the image. My instinctual reaction almost puts me in awe of the picture, realizing this natural phenomenon is seen all around the world.

Primary Words: Lightening, Dark, Tree, Funnel, Clouds, Radio Tower, Sky, Storm, Tornado, Black
Associative Words: Destruction, Fear, Danger, Hide, Wind, Powerful, Shelter, Beautiful, Natural Disaster, Death, Omniscient, Unstoppable, Strike at any time, heat etc.

Pairs: Lightening & Heat, Dark & Fear, Funnel & Power, Sky & Beautiful, Tornado & Destruction

Tornado, Beautiful and Unstoppable relate to me the most. These words explain how I feel about these storms. Personally, I think they are beautiful from a distance yet scary when they get close. They can bring death and destruction and demand "respect" from onlookers. They are not to be messed with, as they cannot be stopped or controlled by humans. No one knows when they will strike, we can simply prepare for what is to come.

My personal story with tornadoes happen when I was a little kid. The day we moved into our brand new house the weather started to get extremely bad. The wind began to increase, the sky got dark and things just seemed quiet. The moving man asked if he could come in out of the rain. We all went to the basement and waited for it to pass. I thought we were going to loose our house before we even moved the whole way in. When it was all over, we came outside to find the spray on grass a mess but the house unharmed.

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