Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is that the only reason??

When I heard about the final results of the presidential election I was not happy. The fact that the president elect has the name of Barack Hussain Obama slightly scares the crap out of me. Now I'm not one to judge but I feel like there is something wrong with this picture. The President of The United States...not Eastern countries. If you are a religious person this is especially a scary situation that we should not be in.
I understand that people want to make history and participate in this historic event, the first African American president, but for what reason are you doing this? The mere fact that you feel African Americans had a horrible past and hard history is not a reason to put a man in office. Many more facts should be looked at and considered.
I am not saying the man is not intelligent or capable of doing a good job in office, but was he really the best candidate for the position? Think about it!


Madison said...

I will be a strong advocate for saying that most people made their voting decision based on personal hardships this time around, not fear, personal hatred or the fact that it would be a nice thing to do to elect a minority. Although, some people are small minded.
The candidate who convinced us would fix the problems we are all facing, whether its the fault of government or our own, was the individual’s chose.
I refuse to believe it was because this was something historic. We've had the opportunity for historic before and turned it down because the candidate did not work. Couldn't this be argued for Palin? If we elected a historic female VP would you be making the same argument?!
If you have a problem with someone's name, look at ours! I'm sure you've been commented on your fairly odd name. Being my age with my name, I have had many people tell me what a terrible name my parents gave fact some have decided to be bold enough to tell me it's a striper's name! How dare anyone judge on a name, that’s small minded and not an argument worth having when so many other things matter.
Just as a side note, we've had some of the most religious people in the world make the most terrible decisions and some of the least religiously educated folks lead without much calamity. Also, another argument that shouldn't be wasting our time.
Good Conversation...keep it going :)

amckelveydz said...

My problem with the name is that Obama used to go by Barry all through grade school, middle school, high school, and even college. After college, he went on a trip to multiple countries in the middle east. And when he returned to the states, he decided to be called Barack. Aside from this, I have many issues with Obama. First, he will not list where he got all of his campaign money from, that is sketchy. I also would be fine with him being the president if he was voted for his views. It has been proven that multiple voters voted for him just because, not because of his views. Check out this video ( and you will see what I mean. I feel like Obama was just a trend and people didn't like him for his political stance. I am not saying that most people didn't support his views, but I feel as though there are hundreds of people who did vote just because.