Thursday, April 15, 2010

Extra Credit Journal Entry

1. What was your response to The Persuaders video? Do you think this is an accurate assessment of the persuasion industries? Why or why not?
I thought the video was interesting. My favorite part was when they talked about consumers being bombarded with advertising forcing companies to break through the clutter in order to continually catch their attention. They also talked about how advertisers had to make products an experience instead of just a product that cleans. It had to set itself apart of its competition. I also think it’s an accurate assessment of the persuasion industries. People need to be shown a product or experience and eventually they will persuade themselves that that’s what they need.
2. How does the film portray social awareness and coolness marketing?
I personally saw social awareness portrayed through the Song campaign. The campaign targeted women who had to deal with day-to-day struggles of travel, by offering low prices, organic meals and a chic brand. They wanted to cater to women and make their travels as enjoyable and efficient as possible. On the other hand, iPod did a great job of using coolness marketing. Their colors, music and overall feel really makes you feel like you could be the one in the commercial. You feel connected with the product and cool when using it.
3. How do the practitioners in the film promote commodity fetishism?
They tried to sell to the heart not the head. Any product could get the job done, but they really wanted to make you feel connected while having a positive and enjoyable experience. They want you to feel as though YOU are the focus and YOU have the power to make a decision. The author of LoveMark said that people make such a strong relationship with a product that they don’t just like it or use it, they LOVE it. They do research to figure out how you connect with the product and what will allow you to make that intimate and lasting connection.

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